Telescope Facts - Important Information About Telescopes

Telescopes are one of the most interesting scientific instruments that we have today. They enabled us to better see universe we live in, with lenses that range from those found in small handheld spyglasses to the large mirrors, lenses and dishes that are used in very expensive terrestrial and space observatories. Here you can find out more about the most interesting telescope facts.

Picture Of Telescope On Achill Island West Of Ireland

Interesting Facts about Telescopes

Telescopes have been with us from the times of the Renaissance, and during all that time they managed to have a profound impact on our science. Here you can find out all the most interesting facts about telescopes.

Picture Of Telescope Instrument

Types of Telescopes

Telescopes are built in countless forms and sizes, enabling both amateurs and seasoned scientists to gather precisely the type of data they need for their experiments. Here you can get informed about all the most common types of telescopes.

Picture Of Half Moon Seen From A Small Telescope

Facts about Space Telescopes

Even though we cannot send in space large telescopes that we can easily build here on earth, those models of telescopes that we managed to lift outside of our atmosphere have provided us with some of the most important astronomy discoveries we ever got. Find out interesting facts about space telescopes here.

Picture Of Line Of Radio Telescopes In Westerbork Netherlands

How Telescopes Work?

Here you can find out the most important details about creation of modern telescopes, from the simplest ones that anyone can make in their home to the most precise scientific instruments that are used both on Earth and in space.

Picture Of The Keck Observatory

Largest Telescopes

Over the last 30 years, scientists and engineers have found the ways to create largest telescopes mankind have ever had the chance to operate. Here you can find out more about the most impressive telescopes that have helped us to collect invaluable scientific data.

Picture Of Parkes Radio Telescope