Picture Of The Great Comet Of 1577

Picture Of The Great Comet Of 1577

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Telescope Timeline

Timeline of telescopes reaches not only to the last 600 years of our history, but also to our oldest civilization where ancient scientists started thinking about nature of light and the way lenses can manipulate how light is reflected or refracted.

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First Modern Telescopes

History of modern telescope started some 600 years ago with the introduction of the first telescope by the Dutch spectacle-maker Hans Lippershey. From that moment on, telescopes evolved into countless forms, enabling mankind to not only to have better look at our surroundings but also to help us find our place in large universe filled with stars.

Origin of Telescope

Origin of telescope can be traced all the way back to some of the most ancient civilizations on Earth, where people started not only thinking about the way they can manipulate the light, but also created records that survived to the modern times.

History of Optical Telescopes

Optical telescopes are without a doubt the most popular types of telescopes, and because of that they managed to have the most influence on our scientific history. Here you can find out all the most interesting facts about their interaction with us.